Welcome to a Thriving 2018!

Read on to learn how we've seen families thrive over the past year!


Letter from the Executive Director

Thank you for joining ELI in 2018 as we continued to work every day to remove roadblocks and see families thrive.  Your support has helped children succeed in school, adults improve their work options and earning potential and provide affordable housing options for families as they make clear and steady progress.  We eagerly anticipate launching the Birmingham Family Hub in January 2019 and know this will be catalytic in serving even more families.  I hope you will continue to give your time and resources.  I believe this is an investment you will be glad you made!

Gratefully, Pam Bates 


Collaboration in Action…Thrive Together Birmingham

Thrive Together helps to restore hope to low-income women and their families living in Birmingham Alabama by offering long-term sustainable solutions to challenges families face in the areas of educating their children, safe and affordable housing, career training, health services and nutrition.  We will equip women and their families in a way that allows each family to transition from a state of dependency into a life of self-sufficiency.  

The Birmingham Family Hub has co-located 3 of our agencies to provide access to most resources in one location.  Those services not available on site are within 2 miles of the HUB location and transportation can be arranged by HUB partners.  The new location is on the city bus line and offers adequate easily accessible parking.

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In 2018, We launched our GROW@School program. This is an 8 week nutrition program designed to introduce kids to healthy eating options with a cooking demo, tasting sample and 10 lbs of fresh produce provided each week. Thanks to our partners: UAB Benevolent Fund, Greater Birmingham Community Food Bank, Junior League of Birmingham, Banks Academy and Barrett Elementary.


Jimmie’s Story

My name is Jimmie Pams, Owner and Manager of Reliable Heating and Air, LLC.  Before ELI, I worked as a janitor at UAB earning minimum wage. Growing up I made a lot of bad choices in life which lead to serious consequences.  While going through the storm I heard about ELI's housing program. ELI gave me hope, behind them giving me what I considered a second chance in life.  I enrolled in school while working and was able to graduate on the Dean's list with a 3.75 and now own my own company.  Upon graduation, ELI gave me my first big job.  They have supported me in ways that I would have never imagined. 
 Thanks for giving me a chance,
Jimmie Pams

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